Our Vision

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


Inventions Oasis, INC., as the name implies is the progress through Technology. Technology is the harbinger of prosperity throughout the world.

Japan is a resources less tiny country, leveled to the ground level during world war. Malaysia the language script less country (they use English letters to write. India has 24 major languages with 24 scripts ! ) are just 2 examples to show what ” Technology ” can do.

In addition to ” Wealth creating Centres “, Appropriate & sustainable Technologies must be applied to help an unemployed to become gainfully employed and assist developing communities.
Needs to be functional, efficient, durable, appropriate, reliable, attractive and affordable.
Satisfy the needs of the community it serves.


Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavanthu – is an old Sanskrit saying. It is my humble desire to spread this saying all around our country, our Mahan Bharath. Having lived and taught Technology for about 33 years in U.S.A., I might have graduated 10,000 + American students to earn their degrees. During my lengthy teaching tenure, I also Invented & Patented many unique products in Energy Saving, Consumer Electronics and Bio-Medical engineering fields. To date I have been granted 10 Patents by U.S. Government. First Indian to get so many Patents in diverse fields. Many of these Patents were sold to American Entrepreneurs. Currently millions of products manufactured under these Patents are sold in USA.

It is my heartfelt desire to create many more Entrepreneurs in India, giving them the appropriate Technologies so that they can build an Empire for themselves by producing quality products. This creates two additional benefits. It creates more jobs for unemployed which is staggering and the country progresses to get rid of 3rd world image.

I strongly believe in an English proverb : One must not give fish to a hungry person. One must teach that hungry person how to fish. This will sustain him for life.

But Mahaan Bharath gave the Culture to the world along with many other things including Shoonya, decimals, numbers, non – violence philosophy, etc.. In our national emblem we propagate Sathya meva Jaiathu and yet we have become most corrupt nation in the world. As a result, the progress & benefits are not reaching to grass root millions. Unemployment is rampant. Frustrated youths are finding alternate ways like Naxal movements. We have a 5,000 + years glorious history. The country called America, started only 500 years back. But now they are the world’s wealthiest nation and the only super power.All these due to new inventions, technologies, Intellectual Properties ( IPs) protection and giving encouragement to entrepreneurs / start-ups.

When I left India in 1970 (I have to leave India because I was unemployed), I went through Kaulalumpur, Singapore, Tokyo route. At that time the tallest building I saw in K’lumpr was 6-story building. Many hand pulled rickshaw were playing on the road.

Today, they have the world’s tallest building ‘Petromax’ (after the Terrorist bombed New York’s World Trade Cetre) and almost everyone has a car. In India we have 26 major languages with written scripts and thousands of dialects. In Malaysia, they have only one dialect called ‘Malay’ which do not even have a script! For writing they use English alphabets. Singapore in 1970 looked like Bangalore in 2014 at that time. Look at their progress now! Singapore had no name when English colonized it !. They have to borrow from Indian language. Singh or Singa means lion. Tokyo was leveled to the ground when two atomic bombs were dropped during world war. Japan has no substantial agricultural lands or minerals or oil. The country is so small its total land area is a fraction of India. As a matter of fact, we export them iron ore and they process it to convert to specialty steel. Then they export it back to India at a price ten times the raw iron ore that we exported. Such a tiny nation void of any substantial resources is until recently #2 economy in the world after U.S.A. Average Japanese income is more than 40 times.

Whenever I go to my village called Periyapatna (Mysore District), I see bare footed women carrying a bundle of tree twigs & branches on their head . They have spent whole day to gather these for fuel. This is real India. About 70% Indians live in rural area. Unless we uplift this downtrodden majority, India can never become a developed country. A minute percentage of India’s population working as computer programmers may earn big money. Bit less than 10 million Indians use Internet out of 1.0 Billion plus (Less than 1%). The Software used in Computer is not as tangible as manufacturing a product; say a screwdriver or a wristwatch. Manufacturing products really advances the country. Even an uneducated can find gainful employment.Manufacturing tangibles products improves the economy of a country at a fast rate because this “ Brick & Mortar ” employs every body including illiterates. One example is China’s hyper economical growth. They have built hundreds of thousand factories to manufacture goods for whole world. They do not have as many computer programmers as in India. A programmer sits in a room in front of a computer and creates some useful program. This is not similar as manufacturing which needs a large infrastructure and employs millions a corrupt politician looting the country as if there is no tomorrow or a rich person show off his wealth by driving fancy cars, that does not show the progress of the country.

In India, the Digital Divide is abnormally wide. Only top 5% percent of the population holds 80% wealth. To create more prosperity and to be admitted to First World status (instead of 3rd World), we must create:Hundreds of Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis.Thousands of Bajaj’s, Modis and Godrejs.Lakhs of Kirloskars (Transformer Manufacturer), Surya (Bulbs), Kotharis, Jains

It is my desire to create as many Suryas as possible, which may light up the path to the progress. Our glorious motherland deserves to be in the group of First World Countries. In our glorious past, when our ancestors enjoyed RAAM RAJ, we have given so many things to the world. It will be a shameful irony to classify Mahan Bharath under 3rd world category with millions unemployed and millions suffering in the abject poverty.

The first and foremost thing to do is to create more Entrepreneurs and make them to accumulate the capital by hard work. This capital helps the Entrepreneur to expand and diversify his Mini Scale into small scale Industry, which in turn creates more jobs. With this thing in mind, I want to start the Techno – Pragmatic with small projects project. This involves incredibly low budget to start as a micro center for self-employment so that the unemployed becomes gainfully employed. Later on, I want to introduce the high tech consumer electronics products, one after another.